About Us

My Driver in Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a freelance tour company in Sri Lanka. Our sole objective is to make sure you experience the best of this beautiful island during the limited number of days you spend in Sri Lanka.

Our packages and itineraries include everything from the tour driver, tour guide, comfortable vehicles and fuel, accommodation, food and the most unique and exciting experiences in Sri Lanka.

We have designed itineraries based on our experience in the industry and the feedback that we have gotten from our trusted customers over the years. But we are more than happy to customize our tours and itineraries based on your preference.

Our Director Board

1. Mahathelge Samantha Peiris

2. Balapuwaduge Judith Nirupa Mendis

3. Mahathelge Francis Suneth Kaushalye Peiris

4. Mahathelge Nimesh Chandupa Peiris